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Дата: Понедельник, 23.03.2009, 10:32foma1000
пришло вот такое сообщение но бонус не получил на титане пусто!а как я понял из этого письма деньги должны лежать !!!помогите кто знает как с ними связаться? Hello,

Do not Reply. Please read this whole message. We want to let you know that your account has been funded. Log into
your Titan Poker account within 24 HOURS to receive your money.

Also, the Bonus has changed a bit. We lowered the Instant bonus but decreased the amount of points needed to get the whole $150. Below is the table.

$30 Instant
$50 at 5,000 Titan Points
$70 at 10,000 Titan Points

You can now Refer your friends and get paid daily for each referral you bring in!
Go to our site then hit Affiliate Register at the top right to get started. :(

Дата: Вторник, 24.03.2009, 00:09Stepan
Напишите в он-лайн поддержку Титан Покера.
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