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Викторина от PokerProfessor
Дата: Суббота, 15.11.2008, 01:33Nikita
Есть вопросы по викторине? Пишите их сюда - быстрая помощь!
Дата: Четверг, 11.12.2008, 21:57Shark09
Спасибо администрации за выложеные скриншоты с ответами! ;)
Дата: Среда, 24.12.2008, 23:53BiXiC
кстати, в скриншоте, выложенном на сайте есть ошибки. Проходя викторину по нему, я получил 14/20. Необходимый минимум, правда есть...
Дата: Среда, 28.01.2009, 00:02proproten
Нужна помощь с прохождение второго теста. Вот вопросы:

1.What’s the best way to kick off your Texas Hold’em Career.

a Start on very low level No Limit Cash Games and gradually work your way up.

b Play a multitude of different styles of Texas Hold’em Poker to develop a well rounded game.

c Go straight to high limit games. There is no money in the lower limits.

d Pick a mid level game initially. It should be high enough that you can’t really afford to lose but not so high that you could go broke in three hands.

2. With respect to playing profitable Texas Hold’em Poker, which of the following is most true:

a Profitable Texas Hold’em poker is more about predicting the next Community Card(s) than about adopting any particular playing style.

b A successful player knows that profitable poker is about Folding unless you are either certain or almost certain of winning the hand.

c Most successful players have developed a Tight, Aggressive game and stick with it.

d Most successful players have developed a Loose game that allows them to see many Flops - gaining valuable experience in many different positions.

3. Mid Pairs can be among the most difficult hands to tackle in Texas Hold’em No Limit Poker. So what is the best way to address this issue?

a Always play them aggressively and be willing to commit your entire stack. Your average opponent will be Weak and/or Tight enough to make this a profitable strategy over the long term.

b You will generally only win with a Mid Pair if you strike Three of a Kind. So try and get to the Flop as cheaply as possible.

c Always Fold them. Your expectancy will be maximized by sticking to the hands that you know will be profitable.

d Develop a considered Mid Pair strategy. This will give you a competitive advantage over your average opponent who is likely to be trying to “re-invent the wheel” each time.

4. We have a reasonably strong hand. We have the betting momentum and make a continuation bet after the Flop. Our opponent Re-Raises All In. What factor in isolation would make us more likely to Call this bet.

a We believe our opponent to be Weak

b Our opponent has a large stack.

c We believe our opponent to be Tight.

d Our opponent is short stacked.

5. You hold JJ in the Big Blind in a $1 $2 No Limit game. The Button player is First In and Raises it to $8. You Re-Raise it to $24. What should you be doing immediately after making your decision to Re-Raise?

a Start thinking about what you might have done in this position with other stronger and weaker hands.

b Start calculating how much you will win if your opponent Folds.

c Start considering what you will do next if your opponent Re-Raises or Calls.

d Cross your fingers and prey that your opponent doesn’t have a higher pocket pair.

6. Players A, B, C and D are all All In with equal stack sizes before the Flop. Which is the most likely to be the winner after the fifth Community Card is dealt.

a JJ

b QJ

c AJ

d 22

7. As you gain experience you will develop strong poker instincts. You should be careful:

a Not to let your instincts influence your decision making.

b Not to trust your instincts. When you think you are beaten you are generally just as likely to be in front of facing a split pot scenario.

c To remember that poker instincts and expectancy are generally negatively correlated.

d To remember that your instincts will occasionally cause you to make an incorrect decision. However, you would expect strong poker instincts to assist you to make the right decision much more often.

8. Players are pot committed when:

a They are so Loose that they won’t Fold under any circumstances.

b They have contributed more to the Pot than any other player.

c Their stack size is small enough relative to the Pot that it would be correct to Call irrespective of the next Community Card(s).

d They are frequently leaving the table to visit the bathroom.

9. What is an advantage of playing a Suited Connector in Texas Hold’em No Limit Poker?

a It is more difficult for your opponents to make it expensive if you find yourself on a draw.

b Your opponents will be less likely to be dealt a high pocket pair in a No Limit as opposed to a Limit game.

c You will find yourself in more multi-player hands in No Limit games compared to Limit games.

d When you do make your hand in a No Limit game you are more likely to win a large Pot.

Добавлено (27.01.2009, 19:54)
10. What is not an attribute of AK?

a Over the long term you would expect to play AK more often than any other hand.

b QQ is favorite heads up against AK.

c The best poker players in the world will never Fold AK before the Flop.

d When you have AK the probability that one of your opponents has AA or KK is reduced by 50%.

11. It is Betting Round Four and there is $100 in the Pot. You have $100 left in your stack. You estimate that if you go All In that your one remaining opponent is at least a 50% chance of Folding. In this position it would be correct to make the $100 All In bet with:

a Any two cards.

b Any hand that you think is a 50% chance of being better than your opponents hand.

c Top Pair of better.

d Only the best possible hand – the nuts.

12. Variance is critical to your long term success on the poker tables because:

a Variance provides bad players occasional short term success - encouraging them to play for the long term.

b Knowing the level of variance in the hand will give you a competitive advantage over your average opponent.

c The variance strategy will allow you to increase your expectancy by two to three times the standard rate.

d Knowing the variance can help you to predict the next Community Card.

13. What is the main concern associated with QQ when you are Re-Raised?

a The fact that we are holding QQ does not reduce the number of different possible combinations of AA and KK.

b An opponent holding a suited connector has an increased chance of beating QQ with a Straight or a Flush.

c The fact that we are holding QQ does not reduce the number of different possible combinations of AK.

d Opponents holding lower pairs are likely to beat QQ if they strike Three of a Kind on the Flop.

14. Should you be more willing to Call a pre-flop Raise in Texas Hold’em No Limit Poker with a Small Pair of a Suited Connector?

a A Small Pair because it is more likely to make a winning hand by the time the fifth Community Card has been dealt.

b A Small Pair because it is more likely to make a very strong hand on the Flop.

c A Suited Connector because it is more likely to make a very strong hand on the Flop.

d A Suited Connector because it is more likely to make a winning hand by the time the fifth Community Card has been dealt.

15. Which of the following is not something that you need to be mindful of when applying player notes.

a A maniac will get KK as often as anyone else.

b Even Tight players are likely to eventually get sick of you repeatedly stealing their blind and Re-Raise you with a mediocre hand.

c Player notes should be used sparingly. A player that shows themselves to be Loose one day is just as likely to play a Tight game the next.

d A standard opponent may get many strong Raising hands in a short space of time making them seem far more aggressive than they actually are.

16. What is a major concern when playing a Mid Over Pair after the Flop?

a Mid Over Pairs are susceptible to an opponent slow playing a High Over Pair in addition to hands like Three of a Kind after the Flop.

b Mid Over Pairs have negative expectancy against Top Pair and Under Pairs after the Flop.

c Mid Over Pairs have negative expectancy against AK after the Flop.

d Mid Over Pairs are more susceptible than High Pairs against an opponent who has struck Three of a Kind, Two Pair, a Flush or a Straight on the Flop.

17. Which of the following is not a benefit of establishing and developing written instructions?

a A written strategy will minimize the chances of falling into bad habits.

b Your written strategy is something that should develop and evolve over time. As your instructions improve so should your expectancy.

c If you are disciplined enough to follow them, even poor instructions will add to your expectancy over the long term.

d Considering strategy outside the heat of battle allows you to take your time.

18. The best description of a successful (profitable) poker player is someone who:

a Knows all the poker terminology.

b Is only one big win away from making a profit.

c Can hit a winning hand on the final Community Card against the odds.

d Is better than their average opponent by more than the “rake” (the percentage of the pot withheld by the dealer).

Добавлено (27.01.2009, 19:55)
19. The term “variance” in Texas Hold’em means:

a The variation between different players playing styles at the table.

b The short term luck caused by the random order in which the cards are dealt.

c The number or cards between your highest card and the lowest card on the Flop.

d The number of hands that rank higher than yours after the final community card is dealt.

20. An opponent Raises from Early Position. The hand goes to showdown and they reveal A4 off suit. What would be the most appropriate player note for this opponent?

a Very Aggressive

b Weak

c Loose

d Tight

21. To become a successful Texas Hold’em poker player you will need to be able to:

a Determine your opponents strong hands more consistently than your average opponent.

b Read your opponents hand accurately every hand.

c Read your opponents hand accurately more than 50% of the time.

d Determine the range of hands that your opponent is likely to be on more consistently than your average opponent.

22. The term “slow playing” means to:

a To Raise the Pot half the amount that it was Raised in the previous betting round.

b Run the clock down to confuse your opponents.

c Deliberately make a bad play early in the game to make your opponents think that you a poor player.

d Play as if you are weak when you are actually strong in an attempt to induce larger betting from your opponents before you Raise.

23. You should generally play AK slightly more aggressively than QQ in Texas Hold’em No Limit Poker because:

a AK is dominated half as often as QQ pre-flop.

b The fact that we are holding AK reduces the chances that our opponent is holding QQ.

c AK provides very strong expectancy against opponents playing Mid to Small Pairs.

d AK will beat QQ approximately 57% of the time.

24. Your play in Betting Round One (and beyond) should not be influenced by:

a Your position at the table.

b What you know about your opponents playing styles.

c How you believe your opponents perceive you.

d The final community card in the previous hand.

25.You are joining a new table and identify a Loose and/or Aggressive player that you have tangled with in the past. You would ideally like to sit:

a It does not matter too much. As long as you are pitted against Loose and Aggressive players you will have strong expectancy. Seating positions at the table are largely irrelevant.

b On this opponents left hand side. This will enable you to trap them with your premium hands and avoid betting into resistance with mediocre hands.

c On this opponents right hand side. By betting into them you will be able to induce action and maximize your expectancy.

d On a different table. It is much easier to win large pots against Tight opponents.

26. You can steal the blinds with weaker hands:

a From Early Position.

b Against Loose opponents.

c From Late Position.

d From Middle Position.

27. An optimum value bet is:

a Your opponents stack divided by two.

b Approximately one third of the Pot.

c An “all in” bet. This will maximize your value if your opponent Calls.

d The maximum amount that your opponent would be willing to Call.

28. We are heads up in Betting Round Three. Our opponent has bet $5. We are extremely confident that we are behind but equally confident that there is a 30% chance that the final community card will give us the win. How much do we need to expect to win if we hit to make a Call the correct play?

a At least $13.33

b A 30% chance is always good enough to Call.

c At least $16.66

d We should always Fold where we are less than a 50% chance of winning the hand.

Добавлено (27.01.2009, 23:18)
Что совсем никто не шарит в английском? ((((

Добавлено (28.01.2009, 00:02)
Мне удалось набрать 14 правильных ответов. И сдать треклятый тест. Может кому-нибудь пригодятся вопросы. Или Администрация сайта, ответит на них правильно и выложит как дополнение к ответам первой викторины.

Дата: Четверг, 26.02.2009, 10:22hina
второй тест трудный, я уже 7 раз пыталась, но больше 12 правильных ответов не получается,так и не прошла его :(
Дата: Суббота, 28.02.2009, 09:42hina
на 16 раз наконец 14 правильных ответов :)

Сообщение отредактировал hina - Суббота, 28.02.2009, 09:43
Дата: Суббота, 07.03.2009, 00:03proproten
я с 9го раза набрал 14 xD
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