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100% верные ответы
Дата: Понедельник, 02.02.2009, 23:34Vault13
Я буду отвечать всего на 1 вопрос и делать I'm done, mark my test, и я сцуко узнаю все ответы в этой викторине, а то уже просто никуда не годится, сдаю уже раз 20 и все 6 из 10

1) 18k enough to play live casino

2) Что-то там про шансы
ОТВЕТ: 5.53 underdog

3) Флоп K62 на руках 77
ОТВЕТ: good flop, you will win most of the time on this board

4) На руке 77 против чего лучше играть AA или KK
ОТВЕТ: same odds for both

5) Шанс поймат сет или карэ
ОТВЕТ: 1 to 8.5

6) 10 man table. 5/10 NL with $1000 stacks. 3 limpers and your check your option in the BB with: AQ
The Flop: AJ6 1st limper bets out $20 and the 2nd limper raises to $50. The 3rd limper folds and the action is on you.

ОТВЕТ: put 3bet because you are out of the position and you need to protect your hand

7) 10/25 NL cash game. $3,000 stacks at a 6 handed table. You raise from Cut off with: K9
The small blind calls. He has been playing loose aggressive but he hasn't been playing back at opponents unless he is in position.
Flop is: 59A
Is this considered a good flop and what should your move be?

ОТВЕТ: Good Flop, bet

8) KK когда Фил Айви говорит Let's gamble

9) Calculate the number of 'outs' opponent 2 has to outright win or tie the hand given both players have moved all in:
Opponent 1: AcJs Opponent 2: As5h
Flop: Ah2c2h3h


Добавлено (02.02.2009, 23:34)
Вау) Вы уже можете 9/10 набрать благодаря мне))

Сообщение отредактировал Vault13 - Среда, 04.02.2009, 01:19
Дата: Четверг, 05.02.2009, 02:30Vault13
10) Given the following scenario which of the following opponents is favored to win the pot?
Opponent 1: QdQh Opponent 2: KsQs
Flop: Js9sd

ОТВЕТ: Opponent 2

11) 6 man table. 2/4 NL with $400 Stacks. A player in middle position raises to $15. You're dealt AsAc on the button and re-raise to $45. He calls.
You go heads-up to the flop: Ks9s4c
He leads out for $45. What should you do?

ОТВЕТ: Raise

12) 5/10 NL cash game. $1,000 stacks. 6 handed. You are in middle position with: AhKh
A loose aggressive player UTG raises to $40. You re-raise to $130 and he calls.
The flop is: 3h4h8c
He checks and you bet $185 into the $280 pot. He check raises all-in. What should you do?


13) 5/10 NL. $2,000 stacks. A tight passive player limps in early position. Folded to you in the BB. You hold: KcAh
You raise to $40. The early position limper calls. Flop: 2cKdQc
You bet $80. The limper calls. Turn: Jc
You bet $200. The limper raises to $475. You call. River: 7h
You check. The limper bets $750. What should you do?


14) Single table tournament. Blinds 200-400. You have 1600 chips. The average stack at the table is 6000 chips and you're in the small blind and it is folded to you. You hold: Ah10h
What should you do?

ОТВЕТ: All-in

Сообщение отредактировал Vault13 - Пятница, 06.02.2009, 18:03
Дата: Суббота, 07.02.2009, 14:53Vault13
15) 5/10 NL Holdem. 9 handed. 2000 stacks. You're in the cut-off position with 6h6s. UTG limps, a player in middle position limps as well, and you call in the cut-off. The button raises to 70, everyone calls including the BB, UTG, middle position player and yourself.
Flop is: Jh10h6c
BB checks, UTG bets 90, middle position folds, you call, button raises to 450. BB pushes all in, UTG thinks then folds. What do you do'


Дата: Суббота, 14.02.2009, 15:13Vault13
16) You're in a 10 man sit-n-go with 7 players left and the blinds are 200-400. You have 3600 chips. Everyone at the table has about 3500 chips. You're in middle position and it is folded to you.
You hold: Q heart 8 heart
What should you do?


17) 5/10 NL Holdem. 6 handed with 1000 stacks. You're UTG at an ultra aggressive table with 44. What do you do?

ОТВЕТ: Limp-in and call a single raise

18) 9 man table. 5/10 NL with $1000 Stacks. They're 3 limpers you're in the bb with: J spade 10 spade
You check your option and a flop of: 10 heart 6 spade 4 spade
You've connected on the flop and lead out for $40. Two limpers call.
The Turn: 7 club
You bet $80 into the $220 pot and first limper raises to $200 and the other guy cold calls the $200. You call the raise as well.
The River: 10 diamond
You check, the first guy leads out for $150, and the second guy raises to $550.
What's your move?


19) 1/2 NL cash game. 6 players are seated with stacks ranging from 350 to 600. A tight player in the cut off raises to $8. Button re-raises to $14.
You are in the BB and have: 7 spade 7 diamond
What should you do?

ОТВЕТ: Call and only play if you flop the set

20) 5/10 NL. $1,000 stacks. You raise to $40 from late position. A loose aggressive player in the big blind (who has been re-raising from the blinds a lot) re-raises to $130 and you call.
Your image is also loose aggressive. You and the BB have been in a few big re-raised pots so far--both of you have been bluffing and semi bluffing relentlessly. Flop is: 2 club 6 diamond 10 spade
He makes a $200 continuation bet. Which hand is best if you plan to raise all-in on this flop?


21) Tournament. Blinds are 200-400 with 25 antes. You have 14,000 chips. 9 handed.
You are in the cutoff seat with: A heart 10 club
Everyone folds and you raise to 1200. Button folds and the small blind goes all in for a total of 5000. You don't have much information on your opponent, except that he seems solid and you assume that he has some kind of real hand. What should you do?


Сообщение отредактировал Vault13 - Понедельник, 16.02.2009, 10:03
Дата: Суббота, 14.02.2009, 21:10Insane310
уважуха) представляю скок времени на все это ушло)
Дата: Суббота, 14.02.2009, 21:11Insane310
держи плюсик) :)

Сообщение отредактировал Insane310 - Суббота, 14.02.2009, 21:11
Дата: Вторник, 17.02.2009, 00:45Vault13
22) 5/10 NL. $1,000 stacks. One player limps in early, you limp in late with: 6 heart 7 heart
SB folds and BB checks. Flop is: 4 diamond 5 heart 9 heart
BB bets $30, limper folds, you raise to $100. BB thinks and re-raises to $300.
The BB is loose aggressive and relentlessly bluffs and semibluffs. What is your best move?


23) Calculate the number of 'outs' opponent 2 has to outright win the hand given all players have moved all in on the turn:
Opponent 1: Q club Q spade Opponent 2: K club 8 heart Opponent 3: 9 heart 9 spade
Flop:J club 10 club 9 club 5 heart


24) 5/10 NL. 9 handed. It is folded to you in the Cut-Off. Your table is loose aggressive and you are a tight passive player. What is the most common play for a player of your style in this position J heart 10 heart

ОТВЕТ: Raise

25) Floating is a common tactic that involves calling your opponent on the flop with the intention of bluffing them on the turn and/or river. In order to 'float' your opponent successfully what are the 2 most important factors'

ОТВЕТ: Large stack size and position

26) 9 man table tournament. The blinds are 500/1k with an Ante of 100. A weak player UTG limps with 125k in chips, sb (TAG player) has 80k and completes the bet. Big blind is short stacked with 17k and checks.
The Flop: 9 heart 5 heart 3 club
The blinds check to UTG who bets out 6k. The SB calls and BB raises to 13k - UTG re-raises to 28k. The SB makes the call after some thought and the bb moves in his remaining chips.
The Turn: Q club
Both SB/UTG check.
The River: 3 heart
The small blind bets 18k in the massive pot. UTG quickly calls - what did the 3 players hold?

ОТВЕТ: SB had a draw, BB had two pair on the flop, and UTG had AA/KK

Ну епты... 26 ответов, уже пора всем сдавать на 10 из 10

Сообщение отредактировал Vault13 - Среда, 18.02.2009, 23:22
Дата: Вторник, 17.02.2009, 02:03Vault13
27) !!! Calculate the number of 'outs' opponent 2 has to outright win the hand given all players have moved all in on the turn:
Opponent 1: 10 heart 10 club Opponent 2: 8 heart 7 heart
Flop: 10 spade 9 club 8 club A spade


28) You enter a live Heads-up cash game against a wildly aggressive opponent at 10/20 NL. $2,000 stacks.
You immediately raise to $60 the first hand without looking at your cards and your opponents clearly notices your play.
He doesn't hesitate to call and checks the flop of: J diamond 7 club 2 club
You bet $100 and he beats you into the pot raising it to $300. You look down at your hole cards and find: J heart 10 club
You think for a moment and call.
Turn is: 4 heart
Your opponent leads out for $600. Whats your best move?

ОТВЕТ: Raise all-in

29) Your late in a MTT tourney with a 100k stack and average is about 120K. Your table image is tight aggressive and a loose aggressive player from early position raises to 15k (2k/4k blinds) and a player in middle position raises to 75k.
You're dealt these cards on the button: J club J heart
What should you do?


30) 3/6 NL HU. $1,200 stacks. You decided to make a standard raise to $18 and the BB re raises to $54. You both are consistently making continuation bets after raising/re-raising. You call with: J spade J heart
BB makes a continuation bet of $75 on a flop of: Q diamond J club 7 spade
You raise to $200 and he flat calls. The bb checks a turn of: 7 diamond
You bet $200 on the turn and he flat calls. The river is: 5 heart
He checks the river and you bet $300 and he ends up instantly pushing over the top of your bet. What is he most likely holding?


31) 6 man table. 5/10 NL with $1500 stacks. A loose aggressive player in middle postion makes a raise to $40 and your on the button QcJc and re-raise $120. Your opponent calls the raise and the flop comes:
The Flop: A diamond 5 club 4 club
Your opponent leads out for $120 - You raise to $300 and your opponent quickly calls.
The Flop: Q diamond
Your opponent fires out a bet for $550. Whats your move?

ОТВЕТ: Fold, Your opponent likely holds a big hand and your only drawing to a flush

Сообщение отредактировал Vault13 - Среда, 18.02.2009, 14:11
Дата: Вторник, 17.02.2009, 20:36slava1004
Дата: Среда, 18.02.2009, 12:04Erni
СПАСИБО ТЕБЕ ОГРОМНОЕ!!!! "+" заслуженный!
Дата: Среда, 18.02.2009, 16:10Kolyagrig88
Спасибо большое, но это все ещё не все вопросы ман, я проходил - два вопроса которых тут не нашел - в итоге 8/10 но все равно спасибо, уважуха.
Дата: Четверг, 19.02.2009, 21:34Vault13
32) NL Tourney with Blinds 2k/4k. Your stack is 130k and you raise to 12k in middle position with: K diamond Q diamond
The button calls (140k stack) and its heads up with a flop of: 10 diamond 8 club 4 club
You bet 12k and the button calls.
The turn: J spade
You fire another barrel for 30k and your opponent moves all-in. Your confident your opponent has A10.
Are you getting the right odds to call? Whats your move?

ОТВЕТ: Yes, Even though your odds are favourable you don't have risk your tournament life on a draw

33) 5/10 NL Holdem. 6 handed with 1000 stacks. You're on the button at an ultra aggressive table with 9h8h. UTG raises to 40, you call, big blind also calls. Flop is: A spade 7 heart 6 heart
BB checks, UTG bets 80, you call, BB raises to 300, UTG calls. What do you do?


34) 6 man table. 5/10 NL with $1000 Stacks. A TAG player in early position raises to $40 and gets raised to $150 by another TAG player. You look down in the bb and find: K club K spade (мб масти не те, но точно KK)

ОТВЕТ: Raise all-in

Сообщение отредактировал Vault13 - Пятница, 20.02.2009, 15:54
Дата: Суббота, 21.02.2009, 23:56pakha
Афтар зачот!
Дата: Пятница, 27.02.2009, 18:25lapka69
Дата: Четверг, 05.03.2009, 16:36Vault13
up :D
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